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"Based on my experience Yvonne is a seasoned pro at helping families buy and sell homes. Through and through our experience with her was great even when dealing with less than easy situations. Her negotiation skills and intuition are top-notch and her calm and rational demeanor is wonderful to have in a time that is naturally stressful. In addition, Yvonne has a large network of professionals that you would typically need (handymen, brokers, etc) when buying and selling a house. I can wholeheartedly recommend Yvonne to anyone in the area who is looking to buy and/or sell their home"

Hennen Family, Home Sale & Resale Purchase

"Yvonne helped us sell our house and purchase our new house. As a seller offered expert advice on sale price and walked us through negotiating offers. She also listed the house on multiple databases to increase visibility. Yvonne also walked us through the purchase of our new-construction home. She helped us select features that we liked and also made us mindful of features that enhance sale value in the future"

Vereb Family, Home Sale & New Home Purchase

"I have requested Ms. Jansen's assistance twice. Most recently on the purchase of land; which is much different than the purchase of a house. Ms. Jansen explained the process to me and answered my innumerable questions. Without question, I would have been confused and frustrated without her calming demeanor. But more importantly, she instinctively knew the seller's "sweet spot" and I now own land for many hundreds of dollars less than I was willing to offer and pay. 


In addition to the land acquisition, Ms. Jansen used a very critical eye to suggest the perfect site on which to build my home. Her suggestion to move the house site 20 feet west and to rotate the site 20 degrees towards the east resulted in a view that is unparalleled.  


I do not believe you will find a better realtor anywhere!"

HL Downey, Land Purchaser

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